2022: The Welfare of Reptiles and Amphibians

  • Cold-blooded care: Understanding the needs of captive reptiles – Dr. Anna Wilkinson
  • Cold-blooded cognition – Dr. Anna Wilkinson
  • Pathogens, pet-trade, and policy: Reptile and amphibian welfare in the UK – Dr. Jon Bielby
  • Assessing reptile welfare in clinical practice – Dr. Lara Cusack
  • Pathology of diseases in reptiles and amphibians – Dr. Shannon Martinson
  • Resources for the veterinary community – Paige Mitchell, AVC Class of 2025

2021: Animal Abuse and Neglect

2018: Whale Stranding

2015: Applied Equine Behaviour

2014: Mink Farming

Mink Health and Management-Related Diseases
Dr. Kirsti Rouvinen-Watt
Professor, Carnivore Nutrition and Physiology

Perspective of a Mink Veterinarian
Dave McHattie, DVM

Fur Farming and Other Intensive Animal Production: Reflections on the Role of the Veterinarian
Dr. James P. Goltz, Veterinary Pathologist and Chief Veterinary Officer, New Brunswick

2013: Companion Animal Behaviour

2012: Poultry Welfare

2011: Lameness in Dairy Cattle

2010: Exotic Pets

2009: Issues and Dilemmas in Animal Welfare

  • Dr. Frank McMillan, Best Friends Animal Society: Maximizing quality of life in ill animals
  • Drs. Hans Gelens and Pierre-Yves Daoust, Atlantic Veterinary College: Injured, sick or starving wildlife presented in practice
  • Dr. Alice Crook, Atlantic Veterinary College: Animal abuse: when to report?
  • Dr. Leigh Lamont, Atlantic Veterinary College: Chronic pain: its impacts on quality of life and strategies for management
  • Dr. Frank McMillan: Special strategies for end-of-life care
  • Dr. Carol Morgan, University of British Columbia: Welfare of hospitalized patients

2008: Fish and lobster welfare

  • Dr. Lynne Sneddon, University of Liverpool: How important is pain to a fish?
  • Dr. Larry Hammell, Atlantic Veterinary College: Fish welfare: Practical applications in salmon aquaculture
  • Pete Southgate, Fish Vet Group: Welfare trends in global aquaculture practices
  • Dr. David Speare, Atlantic Veterinary College: Welfare issues in ornamental fish
  • Dr. Fred Whoriskey, Atlantic Salmon Federation: Welfare implications of angling
  • Dr. Spencer Greenwood, Atlantic Veterinary College: Emerging issues in lobster welfare