Research Projects Funded in 2024

Crane B, Proudfoot K, McKenna S. Behavioral evaluation of bulls during semen collection using electroejaculation and alternative techniques

Mellish M, Ritter C, VanLeeuwen J.  Improving the welfare of working donkey harnesses in Meru County, Kenya, through participatory action research 

L-R: Fiep de Bie, certified wildlife rehabilitator and wildlife technician and Dr. Kristen Brown, AVC Class of 2023 (Photo credit: Austin Hetherington)

Ongoing Research & Integrated Projects

Bernard P, Spears J, Bigelow L. The effect of common laboratory ultrasounds on rat behaviour and physiology

Saksida S, Fast M, Reynolds K, Whyte S. Environmental enrichment for stress reduction in land-based salmonid aquaculture

VanLeeuwen J, Hall D, Ritter C, Rao J, Muunda E. Motivations and cost-effectiveness of improved cow comfort on smallholder dairy production systems in Kenya

Cusack L, Proudfoot K, VanLeeuwen C. The impact of volunteering with a wildlife service on empathy in veterinary students

Overall K, Proudfoot K, Montelpare W, Martin C. Effects of early life experiences on later problematic behaviours in homeless, rescue shelter kittens

Bernard P, Spears J. The Effect of Rearing in a Shelved Environment on Behavioural and Physiological Markers of Welfare

Bernard P, Spears J, Bigelow L. Identifying optimal experimenter handling and familiarization protocols that can be universally implemented to improve lab animal welfare

Overall K, Montelpare W, Proudfoot K, Squair, C. Effects of veterinary handling on canine behaviour and physiology: Must we scare dogs?

Ritter C, Proudfoot K, MacMillan K, Elsohaby I, McKenna S. Assessment and improvement of horse welfare on Prince Edward Island through benchmarking and a better understanding of horse caretakers’ decision-making

VanLeeuwen J, Heider L, Keefe G, McKenna S, Kariuki E, Gitau, G. Prevention of bovine mastitis through a combination of cow comfort and mastitis interventions on smallholder dairy farms in Kenya with the University of Nairobi and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship

Stoughton WB, Bressan N. Development of an equine nasogastric intubation simulator as an aid or alternative to the use of animals in teaching