The SJDAWC seeks partnerships with industry, government, farming, welfare and veterinary organizations, and with foundations to undertake animal welfare research and service activities.


The SJDAWC welcomes national and international collaboration with other welfare centres, veterinary schools, agricultural colleges, universities and research institutes.

Graduate training

We can provide excellent opportunities for research training in animal welfare research through Graduate Studies and Research at The Atlantic Veterinary College.

If you are interested in coming to work with us to study for an MSc or PhD or as a post-doctoral student, please contact us at However, unless we are currently advertising for a funded position you will need to apply for a grant for your studies. Unfortunately we do not have readily available money to pay stipends, fees and research costs (other than for on-going research that has been already funded or for clinical type research that would not require additional costs).

The options are to contact us initially to discuss in general what you would like to do and then either:

  1. Apply for one of the scholarships listed above
  2. Discuss with us whether your interests could form part of a joint grant application to either an internal or external funding body
  3. Apply to your national or regional body or other funding agency that could provide you with a scholarship to study in Canada

Employment opportunitiesĀ 

Occasionally employment opportunities arise and these are listed through UPEI’s Human Resources.

Student visitors

The SJDAWC welcomes students who would like to visit the Centre to complete a project as part of their studies.

Academic visitors

The SJDAWC welcomes visitors to the Centre. We are interested in hosting academics on sabbatical leave wishing to undertake a research project or on an academic tour.