Funded or Partially Funded by the SJDAWC

Logan Bigelow (Working towards a PhD)

Supervisor:  P Bernard

Project:  Ultrasonic vocalizations analysis:  A non-invasive ethnologically relevant tool to asses home cage welfare in rats

Mariana Fonseca (Working towards a PhD)

Supervisors: J Sanchez and L Heider

Project:  Assessment of antimicrobial stewardship on animal welfare, animal health, and antimicrobial resistance on dairy farms

Megan Jewell (Working towards a PhD)

Supervisor: G Keefe

Project: Achieving meaningful improvements in dairy cow welfare by reducing lameness: Evaluating the effectiveness of herd performance benchmarking and integrated, web-based risk management. 

Hannah Spitzer (Working towards a MSc)

Supervisor:  K Proudfoot

Project: Understanding the natural behviour and stress response of newborn dairy calves.

Molly Mills (Working towards a MSc)

Supervisor:  K MacMillan

Project: Improving Horse Welare on Prince Edward Island Through Assessment and Benchmarking.

Megan Ross (Working towards a MSc)

Supervisors:  C Ritter and K Proudfoot

Project:  Assessment and improvement of horse welfare on Prince Edward Island through benchmarking and a better understanding of horse caretakers’ decision making.

Camille Squair (Working towards a MSc)

Supervisor:  K L. Overall

Project:  Effects of veterinary handling on canine behaviour and physiology:  Must we scare dogs?

Dr. Jennifer Vernick (Working towards a MSc)

Supervisors: K L. Overall and K Proudfoot

Project:  Effects of early life experiences on later problematic behaviours in homeless, rescue shelter kittens.