Behaviour Tips are brought to you by veterinary students enrolled in Small Animal Behavioural Medicine II taught by Dr. Karen Overall at the Atlantic Veterinary College.

Although these tips are helpful, please discuss any behavioural/medical concerns with your local veterinarian. For all cases where you still have concerns, seek specialist services ( At AVC you can contact the AVC Behavioural Medicine Service (

Canine body language

Ever wonder what it means when your dog wags her tail or stands with her rear end in the air? Here is some useful tips about how to interpret these and other behaviours that dogs use to communicate.

Meghan Bealka & Jessica Childs

5 myths about dog behaviour

Have you heard that you should “dominate” your dog like the leader of a wolf pack? Well it turns out that this is a myth that needs to be busted! Here are 5 common myths about dog behaviour.

Kathleen Arrowsmith, Emma Bush & Andrew Cohen

5 myths about cat behaviour

Do you think your cat cannot be trained or only purrs when they are happy? Think again! Here are five common myths about cat behaviour that will help you better understand your feline companions.

Kelsey Houston & Catherine Grace Clemmens

5 clues your dog needs behavioural help

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Do you wonder if they are aggressive or just anxious? Here’s five clues your dog may need to see a behavioural consultant.

Kendall Wyman & Santanna Hourihan