The SJDAWC seeks funding from a variety of sources to support a broad range of animal welfare activities.


We gratefully acknowledge the sustained financial support of the Christofor and the Sir James Dunn Foundations, without which the SJDAWC would not exist. Lady Beaverbrook, whose first husband was the late Sir James Dunn, had a lifelong interest in the welfare of animals, particularly horses and dogs, and she wished to create a Centre in the Maritimes to improve the lives of animals. It is through her generosity that the SJDAWC was established.

We also thank the following organizations and individuals who have supported the SJDAWC in the last three years (and some for much longer than that):

  • Pegasus projects: The Pegasus Family Foundation, through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Pegasus Helping Hand Fund: Dr. Christine Savidge, AVC Classes of 2011 and 2001
  • The Atlantic Veterinary College
  • Chinook Project: Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Rathlyn Foundation, Iqaluit Humane Society, First Air, Zoetis Animal Health, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Air Labrador; Veterinarians Without Borders—Canada, the Victoria City Kennel Club
  • Feral cat neutering projects: Zoetis Canada; Iams and Eukanuba
  • Halifax Veterinary Hospital Group (Halifax Veterinary Hospital, Spryfield Animal Hospital, Fairview Animal Hospital) and Vetcetera Animal Hospital—in memory of clients’ pets
  • Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, UK Andrea and Arthur Hill
  • Glenn Loranger and Luke
  • Gladys Ascah and friends
  • The late David Madren
  • The late Kay Alexandor
  • Anonymous

We are also grateful to the many generous individuals, veterinary hospitals, and other businesses, too numerous to mention, who have made a donation in memory of a beloved pet.

All donations are fully tax deductible.