SCHEDULE – Behaviour at the Beach – Monday 5 June through Friday 9 June 2023: 

7.00-8.00a BREAKFAST – Please come on time to the first breakfast where you can start to meet people – Intros start at 7.30ABREAKFASTBREAKFASTBREAKFASTBREAKFAST
8.00A-10.00A Lectures Dr. Karen Overall   Taking a behavioural history on every patient: forms, questions, interventions, next steps and treating dogs and cats in general practiceLectures Dr. Karen Overall   1.How do behavioural medications work?   2. Neurochemical pathways and receptor function drive behavioural presentation and medication choiceLectures Dr. Karen Overall   1. Understanding communication in canine aggression:  the key to diagnosis and treatment   2. Understanding communication in canine anxiety and fear:  the key to diagnosis and treatmentLectures Dr. Karen Overall   Behavioural mod in practice and life:  understanding and meeting individual dogs’ needs by watching and interacting with themLectures Dr. Karen Overall   “Reactive” dogs: GAD, SA, Noise reactivity, OCD – what are the neurochemical, mechanistic and genetic links, and what does this mean for treatment?
10.30-12.30p Lectures Dr. Karen Overall   1. Pursuing diagnosis and treatment for all behavioural cases   2. Be prepared and plan for success: What do the epidemiology data tell are the problems we can most expect to see?Lectures Dr. Goncalo Pereira   Fractious and fetid felines:  From history to treatment – top 3 pharmaceutical interventions for aggressive cats and cats who spray and do not use their litter box  Lectures Dr. Kersti Seksel   Case studies of working with client and patient communicationLectures Dr. Goncalo Pereira   How important is pain and illness?Lectures Dr. Goncalo Pereira   Age-related cognitive change:  assessment, prevention, intervention
1.30-3.30PARRIVALLectures Dr. Kersti Seksel 1. How do we learn?   2. Overview of behavioural and environmental modification terms and interventions – what do you use when?Lectures Dr. Karen Overall   1. What happens when your first choice of medication fails?   2. Beyond trazodone: Sedation v. anxiolysis and  polypharmacyLectures Dr. Kersti Seksel   Understanding entrapment and punishment from the patient’s eyes  Lectures Dr. Karen Overall   Updates on the literature – things you will want your clients to know
4.00-6.00pDrs. Karen Overall, Goncalo Pereira and Kersti Seksel   Case discussions: Integrating behavioural medicine  into every aspect of daily veterinary practiceDrs. Karen Overall, Goncalo Pereira and Kersti Seksel   Case discussions: Which drug, which patient?  Drs. Karen Overall, Goncalo Pereira and Kersti Seksel   Case discussions: Understanding how ‘temperament’, ‘valence’ and early experience interact with your treatment planDrs. Karen Overall, Goncalo Pereira and Kersti Seksel   Case discussions:  Emergent topics, shaped by participants  
6.00PDinner and evening on ownDeparture
7.00P + Optional Professors’ Table* for 10-12 attendeesOptional Professors’ Table* for 10-12 attendees Optional Professors’ Table* for 10-12 attendees