Service Projects and Outreach

Service projects

Projects that apply existing knowledge to the benefit of animals are an important aspect of the work of the SJDAWC.

Examples of current service projects include:

International projects to improve the welfare of farmed animals 

Dr. John VanLeeuwen represents the Atlantic Veterinary College on Veterinarians Without Borders / Vétérinaires sans Frontières, a charity that is dedicated to serving people by helping animals. They work with disadvantaged communities around the world to foster the well-being of livestock, domestic animals and wildlife, and to promote public and ecosystem health. They seek sustainable solutions driven by community partners that respect local cultures, animal welfare and the natural ecology. Also through Farmers Helping Farmers, he travels with veterinary students to assist Kenyan farmers with agricultural food production.

SJDAWC Newsletters

CAWI (PEI Companion Animal Welfare Initiative)

Veterinary education (pain management posters, cosmetic surgery poster, teaching video, other)

Student project fund 

For information on the SJDAWC Student Project Fund or to apply, students of the Atlantic Veterinary College may complete a Student Project Fund Application form.

Public education brochures

The SJDAWC has produced a series of public education brochures about common welfare concerns in companion animals and horses. The titles of the brochures are:

Complimentary starter packages (5 of each leaflet, or up to 25 in any combination) may be ordered by phone (902-628-4360) or e-mail ( Additional copies may be ordered at cost (10 cents each plus postage).

Animal Welfare In Practice Conferences

Conferences, Workshops, and Talks

  • Sheep welfare – NFACC (October 2012)
  • Free-roaming cats – Dr. Margaret Slater (March 2012)
  • Dr Temple Grandin “Issues in Livestock Handling, Transport, and Slaughter” (2009)
  • Animal Welfare: In Practice – Fish and Lobster Welfare (2008)
  • September 2007 Equine Welfare: In Practice
  • September 2006 Companion and Exotic Animal Welfare: In Practice
  • October 2005 Farm Animal Welfare: In Practice
  • September 2005 Animal Abuse and Family Violence: Building a Community Response
  • October 2004 – Dr. Katherine Houpt
  • November 2003 – Dr. Joe Stookey
  • January 2003 – Dr. Suzanne Millman
  • November 2002 – Conference: Unowned Companion Animals
  • October 2001 – Dr. Mike Appleby