Research Projects

Standardbred Longevity Study

S. Dohoo, Dohoo I. (2012)

Pedometer-based physical activity in dogs

C. Chan, S. Ihle, C. Tudor-Locke

The objectives of this study were to determine if a pedometer-based physical activity intervention can increase physical activity in overweight pet dogs; and to identify factors influencing the success of the programme.

Stress reduction by environmental enrichment

S. Dohoo, N. Guy

This study was designed to assess the stress reduction provided by cage door modification (placing a simple curtain over one half of the door, leaving the other half uncovered) in cats housed singly in the assessment area of a humane society shelter.

Litter box size preference of domestic cats

N. Guy, M. Hopson

The objectives of this study were to determine whether domestic cats living indoors demonstrate a preference for a larger litter box than is traditionally provided and to determine whether there is any association between choice of litter box size by the cats and the following factors: gender, number of cats in the household, declaw status, and any history of inappropriate elimination.


Projects designed to improve welfare by improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of clinical disease in domestic and wild animals

Investigation of a blood-borne parasite in wild red foxes and in dogs with anemia

B. Horney, P. Foley, S. McBurney, K. Tefft, A. Birkenheuer

This study aims to examine whether there is an association between infection of dogs with a parasite (Theileria annae) that infects red blood cells and the development of anemia (that may cause fatigue and weakness) and the potential role of wild foxes in the epidemiology of this parasitic infection.

Skeletal muscle as a source of bone and cartilage cells to improve healing in the horse

L. McDuffee

This study aims to investigate whether equine skeletal muscle can be used as a donor source of skeletal stem cells that can be used to promote healing of bone and cartilage injuries in horses.

Improved diagnosis of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) in cats

C. Yason, S. Burton, A. Lopez, D. Shaw

Feline infectious peritonitis is a serious viral disease that affects cats, causing debilitation, suffering and ultimately death. Earlier diagnosis will enable better clinical care to minimize suffering in affected cats.

A new diagnostic test for inflammatory airway disease in the horse

M. Wichtel, W. Duckett, S. Burton, A. Hoffman

This study aims to evaluate a non-invasive method for the early diagnosis of inflammatory airway disease in horses and if successful would reduce the risk of disease progression to heaves, one of the most debilitating respiratory diseases in the horse.