Animal Welfare Research

  • A major role of the SJDAWC is to undertake interdisciplinary animal welfare research on any species of animal (including companion, farm or food producing, sport, working, laboratory and zoo animals, and wildlife). The Centre actively seeks funding for this work.
  • Observational, epidemiological, clinical and experimental approaches are undertaken using multi-disciplinary methods to understand the scientific basis of animal welfare issues.
  • National and international collaboration with other research groups, industry, organizations, government and professional bodies is welcome.

Research will be performed in accordance with The University of Prince Edward Island Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research, Scholarly and Creative Work

Research Aims

  • To present critical and systematic analyses of animal welfare issues; identify animal welfare risk factors and develop effective and practical solutions
  • To develop frameworks for welfare assessment
  • To study biological and cognitive functioning of animals to improve the understanding of their subjective experiences
  • To study the welfare implications of health, disease, injury, breeding, husbandry and surgical procedures
  • To develop methods for alleviating suffering by the use of analgesia, the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease and injury¬† and the modification/refinement of current practices
  • To study ethical issues and human attitudes affecting the use of animals by society

Research projects

Research papers and presentations